About Me

Welcome .... 

Everyone asks... what does Kitko stand for. It is actually a "play" of words on my name.
Kendra Sitko .... KITKO. It stands for who I am, what I believe in, my passions & my life in general.

Firstly; I am a mother and wife. I am a lover of yoga, running and reading.

 I live in the country on a farm with my husband of 17 years and
our 2 children. We love the beauty and peace that comes with living in the country.

I remember thinking the day of our wedding; when I caught myself telling our photographer how to "pose" us ... mmmm .... perhaps I had a natural instinct for this photography thing.

I started playing around in photography over 15 years ago but only got serious when my son was born in 2004. As it was easy when I had my own live baby to practice on :)
So that's when I started taking my courses and dove into the photography world. Kitko Photography was officially launched in 2006.

I've always kind of floated from "job" to "job" and nothing ever felt right so I knew deep down that I wanted to be my own boss. I joke that I am totally unemployable!

I have a few passions in life. My Creative side is definetly one of them. I feel that I can share and express this with my photography.


My Family ... My Loves ...  My Why

Thanks for stopping by :)