fun at the lake

aaahhh summer time.....I love it...the lake, the campfires, the swimming lessons and the great friends! We have spent the last two weeks at the lake camping and had a fantastic time. Every summer we get the chance to reunite with friends that head back to the lake for some summer holidays! (once I get through the next few crazy wks I will perhaps post some pics of my own kids...)

Although I was on holidays from my ``other job`` I am never really on holidays from the one thing I love....capturing moments! So that is what I did...early one morning I set out for a stroll around the lake for a few giggles and smiles with this adorable family!

Here is a small preview from our morning; as always; it was great to see you guys! I can`t wait to show you the rest of your gallery...I know you are patiently waiting!!!