Kali & Jason ~ Destination Wedding in Punta Cana ~ March 2012

I was grocery shopping when my cell phone rang and before long everyone was staring at me because I was screaming in the grocery store! That's the day my little sister called to say she got engaged! For 22 months, we watched the calendar and planned...and planned until the big day! Not only were we planning the wedding but we were planning our first hot family vacation! Finally.....the day arrived and the kids were beyond excited as approx. 40 of us meet early in the morning to head south to Domincan. The resort was perfect, the weather fantastic and the first sight of the ocean for the kids literally brought tears to my eyes as Logan screamed "this is awesome!" A few days of playing in the waves and then the big day was near!

Oh the wedding day....not really sure how to describe it. I was sooo nervous; you would of thought I was getting married! I wanted nothing more than it to be perfect for them. Logan and Jada did fantastic and stole the show for a few moments as they walked down the isle. Then Kali walked up the stairs; like a ray of sunshine....beaming with her radiant smile. The ceremony was beautiful and by the end we all walked away with teary eyes and smiles on our faces! Kali, Jason and I were then escorted around the resort to capture some beautiful wedding photos. Thank you Kali & Jason for asking our kids to be a part of your big day and for asking me to take your wedding photos. Our week in Dominican with our family and friends will
forever be cherished and your special day was unforgettable!

~ wishing you love and laughter every single day ~