Own Your Story

Happy Monday J

As I was driving to the city on Friday morning I was listening to a podcast. It was about stress and the impact it has on our lives. It was about the link between resentment and physical health. Chronic diseases, depression and many other things can be directly linked to the emotional pains of the past. 

We all have our own “stuff” our own “stories” our own “issues” …. It’s what we do with them and how we respond to them that matters. Every event in our life is beneficial in SOME way; through the lesson learnt, the strength we developed from it, or the steps it forced us to take in order to move on with life. I am huge believer in “everything happens for a reason” and I have learnt to always look at the positive in the situation … and that’s not always easy.

This week’s email is a little deep … but I just ask that you take a moment and check in with yourself. How do you feel, what’s happening in your body …. And what’s going on in your life or what are you “hanging” onto to? It is a proven fact that when our  bodies are in emotional distraught that we produce hormones and substances that can act as a poisons in our body. We don’t need that.

So ….. how do we fix it? With every situation there is some good. Always, always, always look at the good. Focus on what you should be grateful for instead of the negative impact. It will change everything J