Bucket list ~ Nudges ~ Pushes from the Universe

You know that feeling or thought that keeps coming to you ... like a whisper or nudge to your soul. Something that pops into your mind at the weirdest moments? That's what was happening to me.

I am a bucket list kind of girl - always have been. I always told myself that I would run a half marathon before I turned 40 or the year I turned 40.

So the beginning of March we were down south in Mexico. The whole time the thought of running a half marathon kept hitting me. Perhaps it was the quiet moments by the ocean or the morning runs that prompted these thougths. Either way .... they kept nudging me. This is something I always said I would do so the thought wasn't totally new to me. 

So when I got home I reached out to a friend of mine and asked her to do it with me. She instantly said yes and we began training. The thought was a great idea but once we totally committed - it was a tad scary lol.

So only a couple weeks ago ~ I ran my first half marathon.

It was awesome ... scary ... exhausting .. and I loved it.

What is that one thing you have always wanted to do? What's holding you back?