Favorite Place On Earth

I can clearly remember being a little girl and stepping off the plane, feeling the humidity on my skin and smelling the tropical air. Looking around and seeing the mountains, palm trees and many water falls; it literally made my heart happy. Now this wasn't my first "holiday" but it was my first time experiencing this feeling. So this is what my Dad was talking about ... this is Kauai.

My grandparents built a house in a little community called Princeville on the island of Kauai in the 70's. Back then; this was a big deal. Especially since they were Canadians. We had many trips to the island with our family and cherish many many memories. I have heard about Kauai since I was a little girl and today at the age of 41 it is still my favorite place to visit. I can't really explain the feeling; it's like "being at home." My heart is so full of gratitude and I am so "in the moment" when I am there. As I get older; the feeling deepens with every visit.

In 2001 by husband Ryan & I and 48 of our closest friends and family traveled to Kauai so we could get married there. It was nothing short of a dream come true. Ryan & I have visited the island since a couple of times and in February of this year we took our two children for the first time. We specifically waited till they were a little older so they could really appreciate the magic, history and beauty of the island. We spent the first few days on one side of the island and the last week right in Princeville; very close to my grandparents old home. Although they are both gone now and someone else owns the house; we were fortunate enough to see the home and show the kids the property and reminisce about many wonderful memories. I was extremely emotional but so very grateful for the experience. Our time on the island was fantastic and we are already planning our next trip back.

If it's not on your bucket list; you should really add it. Who knows .... it may just have the same effect on you as it did on me so many years ago. Go see for yourself ~ Kauai

This first two photo's are from our first morning on the island. We were all up crazy early because of the time change so we watched the sunrise and walked along the beach. My favorite morning.

The lighthouse where my grandmother would volunteer and work.

The Hanalei Pier where we spent many many hours

The Eucalyptus Trees - so unique

The famous Hanalei Lookout - so so beautiful

A little whale watching along the Napali Coast.

My crew at the Smith's Family Luau; what a fantastic evening. 

~ Mahalo Kauai ~