The wide wide world of the internet is always interesting. It connects you with people you would normally never connect with, meet or even become aware of. With my recent post of my bucket list; I was connected with someone that believes in the idea and importance of inspiration and
self motivation. Sometimes when life seems a little unfair; goals and inspiration may bring you the guidance you need. 
The following is a wonderful article that was shared 
with me ~ I would now like to share with you; enjoy the read.

 Perhaps today is your day to inspire someone else....

Most people have goals they wish to accomplish in their lifetimes; whether large-scale ambitions or small desires, people have things they wish to achieve.  In most cases, a person's list of desired accomplishments usually far outweighs his list of completed goals: Making a plan is usually easier than following through.  

For some, however, pursuing goals becomes paramount to happiness and even health.  Individuals who suffer from serious medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, mesothelioma treatment and autoimmune disorders are faced every day with challenges to their health and happiness.  For these individuals, achieving goals and moving toward achievements can be a form of empowerment, allowing them to rise above daily challenges and do what they want with their life.  

With any type of goal-setting, the first and most important step to success is accountability.  Whether you're looking for motivation to pursue new treatment options or scale Mount Everest, you need to come up with your goals and write them down somewhere that you can see them.  Keeping goals somewhere tangible, rather than having them floating around in your thoughts, makes them tangible.  It also allows you to share your progress with others who can offer moral support, advice and guidance.  

If you want, you can write the goals and post them somewhere in your home or office.  Telling your family about your goals will help to get them on-board with positive changes that you make in your life.  No matter what the prognosis for your disease, you can take control of certain aspects of your health through positive changes in your life.  Be sure that your family understands the importance of your goals so that they will help you along that path.  

If you are feeling bold, you can post your goals and even monitor your achievements online through various kinds of community.  Perhaps you want to start a blog talking about how you face and overcome challenges of illness and health concerns; other people in your same situation can then share their thoughts, and together you can inspire each other.  Alternatively, you might want to start blogging about achieving goals, no matter how big or how small.  You could make it your goal to try one new, small way of feeling better every day for a year, and blog about the results.  

For people who like the idea of an online community around goals and inspiration but don't want to blog, you might consider joining one of the many list-making websites online.  These sites allow you to make lists about anything you choose, and you can share these lists and mark off your progress as the goals are achieved.