A revisit ~ to my bucket list..

In Sept of 2010 I decided to give you a small glimpse of my bucket list. Now; with the start of a new year; it's time to revisit it! I have very proudly scratched more off my list! 

I always feel the need to rethink and make new goals. Work on the ones I haven't reached and set new ones. I am a goal seeker; I need them; I strive for them. They motivate me. I am a BIG believer in positive thinking, the vision board and all that good stuff!
So....make your list...strive for your goals....feed your soul.....it feels good!

1.) marry someone who loves me as much I love them
2.) have two children. one boy & one girl

3.) swim with the dolphins

4.) get married on a tropical island

5.) sky dive

6.) swim with sharks (my biggest fear in life)

7.) photograph another birth

8.) go on a family holiday with my parents and siblings

9.) own my own photography business

9.) scuba dive ( again the shark issue )

10.) visit Paris

11.) re-do our kitchen top to bottom

12.) take a family vacation to Disney with my kids

13.) send my husband on the hunting trip of his dreams

14.) run a marathon

15.) launch my business website

16.) learn how to play the piano

17.) have my own photography studio

18.) host an outdoor mexican themed party with all my girlfriends (always wanted this)

19.) do photography as my full time and only job

20.) ride horse back down the beach

21.) visit hawaii for our ten yr anniversary

22.) redo our basement

23.) really learn how to snowboard

24.) stay in a little hut on the shores of Thailand

25.) travel more

26.) learn how to meditate..properly

27.) coach varsity volleyball again

28.) have one of my photos published in a photo magazine

29.) complete my certificate in photography

30.) take my family and children skiing to the mountains

31.) host an event and donate all money to a charity

32.) start scrapbooking again

33.) see my son grow out of his allergies ( beyond my control but want it to happen )

34.) zipline through the jungle

So that is a small preview of my list.... I encourage you to make yours...and strive for it!

life is short - dont forget to live it :)